On Occasion


I’ll be honest. While everything in my resource library meets at least my bare-bones eco-requirements, some are considerably more green than others. I’d love to be able to do my job using only products that meet the highest standards for sustainability but, for the moment, a move like that would mean severely limiting my ability to create environments that represent my clients’ varying styles and sensibilities. Sometimes I have no choice but to specify something that is only moderately green.

Is this ideal? Absolutely not. It is just a step in the right direction and a very small step at that. Luckily, manufacturers are constantly finding improved ways to go green, thereby providing me with a never-ending pathway to better options. The small steps add up and slowly push my industry toward a higher standard; for that I am grateful.

And, on occasion, I have cause to be extremely grateful when someone has a flash of brilliance and takes a giant step.

Yesterday I learned that the fabulously high-eco-standards fabric and wallpaper company Mod Green Pod is now willing and able to produce their fabrics and wallpapers (both their signature patterns and the coming-soon-solids) in any custom color! Price points and minimums are almost ridiculously reasonable, making this a genuine score for designers– for while many companies are willing to do custom, few are able to do it with such a small minimum order.

I once designed an entire cottage around one of MGP co-founder/designer Nancy Mims’ creations (in the pic above) but that was a rare treat for me. More often, I am just looking for that very specific shade of that very specific color– and I will definitely be taking full advantage of the opportunity to get exactly what I need from a company who’s eco-morals I trust and admire.

Greetings From


Greetings from Berkeley, where I am currently working on two model rooms to present the eco-facelift I am giving to the beautiful and historic Bancroft Hotel, pictured above.

The hotel was built in 1928 and we are working hard to stay true to the architecture and history of the building– this week has been a blur of antique shopping and color selecting, peppered with a healthy dose of client-interrogation sessions. Poor Daryl!

Before and after pics are coming soon…