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I’ve been a California girl for a very long time.  My entire life, actually.

Recently I reached a very special place in my career.  A series of events confirmed a mounting suspicion that I now can actually go anywhere and continue to be successful.  (Um… wow!)  Once I realized this, my mind became very open to the possibilities.  If I (we) can live anywhere… where do we want to live next?

Last week we visited the beautiful Austin Texas; a city of live music being played under old trees, of swimming in natural spring pools and of eating at great restaurants with great friends.  Perhaps most importantly, it is not a long flight from anything.  I can be on either coast in 3 hours which is very good because, even though I just bragged about being about to live anywhere, I actually will need to frequently travel to all corners of the country.

As I mentioned in the title of this post, we are not considering any more candidates.  We feel in love with Austin and the position of “Kelly’s next home town” has been officially filled.  We plan to be living there by the end of the year.

I almost feel that a “y’all” is in order, here but, truth be told, Austin is more cosmonite than cowboy.


(Chlorine-free swimming at Barton Springs)

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  1. Welcome! I’m a Texas girl, born and raised and have lived in Austin for the past 20 years. Love it! Far better than the big city of Dallas where I grew up. If you have friends here that can help you get familiar wonderful. If not, feel free to email me any questions you might have about our great city.

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