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The other night I rented Coco Before Chanel and was transfixed by a scene in which Coco is packing, into just one small well-made suitcase, all of her worldly belongings.

I found myself feeling incredibly envious of her in that moment. Imagine; instead of having a life full of many things that are more-or-less disposable, having just a few beautiful possessions that are made to last.

Today, even sustainable items are not always produced to stand the test of time. I’ve had organic clothing fall apart just as quickly as it’s conventional counterparts. I’m guilty of purchasing bamboo dinner plates, made to be disposed of, and I’ve seen poorly-made furnishings created from sustainably-harvested wood.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of the steps that the design industry and consumers have done to embrace sustainability but I think it is time for the conversation to change; for the bar to be raised again. I’d like to begin that conversation now, with the following declaration:

“If something is not made to last, it does not meet my Standard.”

I’ll soon be presenting more about the topic of an evolving Standard, but before I do, I’d love to hear what things you think should be Standard. Your comments are appreciated, here or on either of the facebook pages.

Pictured above, with Coco, a few things that ARE made to last: Porcelain Garden Stools (this one happens to be antique), The Abigal Setttee by Q Collection, Terra Plana’s Women’s Melito Pump (believe me, I’ve put them to the test.)

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  2. As you said, clothing not falling apart (organic or not) is one of the things that needs to be standarized. Unfortunately what really needs to change is attitue toward abundance and wants. I think vintage being cool is a good way to re-use and recycle approach. Collecting and/or exchange of things rather than over producing. What should be standarized is a tough questions!

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