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kelly-and-david.jpgFor a long time, I was pretty closed-off when it came to meeting or being friends with other designers. I just didn’t really feel the need to have them in my life. I didn’t see the point.

Snotty, I know. Very snotty.

In hindsight, I was probably afraid of forming friendships with people who might challenge the way I do things. And, because I am pretty competitive, I was probably afraid of finding that they were better than me.

Over the years I’ve adjusted my attitude (because it was a bad one) and a few months ago, when I was shooting for The Lazy Environmentalist, I was actually open enough to become fast friends with David Sanders. In a few weeks (April 20th on the Sundance Channel) I’ll have the pleasure of reliving the day we met and thinking back to how the producers had to keep separating us in between shots because we were only allowed to get to know each other while the camera was rolling.

And last Thursday, when I attended the West Week events at the PDC with Sarah Kelly, James Saavedra and Erica Islas, it really hit me, on several occasions, that I was having such a great time. I never had that much fun when I insisted on being a lone wolf.


Each of these designers, and the many others who I have become friends with, DO challenge me and ARE better than me in one way or another– and I cannot tell you how, as it turns out, that is so completely not frightening!

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  2. West Week was sooo much fun ! Kelly YOU are truely inspiring ! I love that we can all feed off each others creativity and have so much fun together . Until next time……Erica

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