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picture78987.JPGThese days, my mind is at least 50% consumed with the very official business of Research and Development for Standard.

Loosely translated, this means that I am devouring magazines during every moment that I am not working on something for a client.  I scour and analyze their layouts, I study them to see what they are covering and I “read” the French ones for aesthetic inspiration (Standard, when you see it, will most likely remind you of something a little more on the European side.)

Because my R& D time is segmented, the magazines must be ready at all times.  Like good little soldiers, they hold their posts—the outside pocket of my bag for easy access on the train, hanging on towel racks in the bathroom so I can look at them while I brush my teeth, taking over my entry table so I can grab one on my way out the door and next to my bed, in case I wake up thinking about the magazine and need to “just quickly check something out”… which Mike really appreciates, of course.

Yes.  It is all very official.

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