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Traveling around for Standard, I’ve quickly realized that most of the rest of the country is not on the same 100% recycled content page that the west coast is on.  The concept for the magazine has always been to highlight design—across the country— that is superior both in aesthetics and sustainability but, in truth, we’re really having trouble finding that.

I’ll take that back… we’ve found some great product design and that makes our On The Boards section easy to write but finding fabulous design projects that implement these products and practices across the board, well, that is the problem.

This leads me to some very interesting decisions.  Do we need to be satisfied with a magazine that is west-coast heavy (part of the reason we are moving the operation to Austin was to avoid that!)?  Do we feature places that are, perhaps, not as green as we’d like but that are on their way and forward-thinking (at least, in the area they’re in)?  Shall we start a pilot program to help establishments go the extra mile that we are requiring?

I would love to hear some feedback from our readers on this, and especially from those of you who know my standards and have worked with me or followed my work me as a designer over the years.  I welcome and appreciate all of your ideas, thoughts and comments.



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  1. Fascinating! (And sad!) I trust your research and experience 100%, but this is actually a surprise to me. Having lived my last four years or so in the heart of the Midwest, I feel like I’ve seen an exciting amount of green design. But is more of it architecture-based than interiors-based? (Does LEED give any points to the interiors of a building?)

    Like I’ve said before, I’m super excited about your concept, notably the fact that you are helping define “post-green.” So to answer your questions, a) I don’t mind WHERE the products come from — concept is greater than location for me. And, b) I think that adding a consulting arm sounds so up your alley! It is the most tangible way for the mag to truly make a difference, and who doesn’t love a good case study? Also, if you’re hiring, please let me know. (I’m serious.)

    Thanks for sharing! xo

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