The Future, According to Disneyland

Yesterday, Mike and I went to Disneyland and discovered all the fun that is inside the Innovations area.

The best thing, by far, is a little computer where you can “see your future.” You tell them what is important to you and then, as soon as you are not ready, a camera takes a photo of you. Then the computer creates this semi-animated short film of your future.

The future world for us (surprise surprise) is very sustainable. Mike and I thoroughly enjoyed watching ourselves harnessing energy on our bikes, watering plants with storm water run off and preparing food in our hyper-energy-efficient Jetson’s kitchen.

We got to email this post card to ourselves– I think you will agree that, in the future, Mike and I look very ugly and maybe a little bit confused. As an added bonus, Future Mike (who currently has no facial hair whatsoever) appears to sport a handsome “Frito Bandito” style stache.


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