Hollywood Officebrolly [brol-ee]  noun, British Informal.

1. an umbrella.

My job is to ensure that all the pieces of a design (environment, architecture, interiors, branding, graphics, experience…) come under the same umbrella to tell a unified story for my clients.

I am fluent in the languages of both business owners and designers— and I specialize in translating the client’s vision for their brand to everyone on the team. I have an extensive network of professionals who I pull from to create the best-fit team for each project and I am skilled at maximizing the creative potential of every team member.

My background is in the interior design industry, where I gained a reputation for my leadership in the sustainable design movement of the early 2000s. From time to time, I personally take on the interiors piece of the puzzle for my clients.

Past and present clients include: Lexus, Fairmont Hotels, The Bancroft Hotel, Caffe Strada, The Venice Beach Eco Cottages, The Austin Music Hall, Textile Event Space and The Kwanari EcoLodge on the island of Dominica.

I love entrepreneurial adventures and am currently working on Odelay Texas Brasserie, my forthcoming restaurant and coffee shop in Austin, Texas.